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    Hello and thank you for visiting my store, ReWild Outfitters.

    For the last several years, I've been enjoying the outdoors with biking, kayaking, camping and bushcrafting in Alberta, Canada. When I was faced with a job loss this past summer, it was the perfect opportunity to jump into this world full time, with both feet.

    As a society, we've become so entrenched in this technological, virtual world. Many of us commute to a job where we sit in a cubicle and stare at screens shining blue light into our eyes, or engage in some other form of employment that, while necessary for life, doesn't feed our souls. We work to live, but too often people fall into the rut of living to work.

    There is a movement of people getting back to nature, getting back to our roots as children of the earth, a movement to re-wild ourselves. This can be as much or as little as we are able to do, and any advancement towards reconnecting with nature is a positive move. Feeding your soul can provide a grounding satisfaction that you'll only know was missing after you find it again.

    You may have heard the saying "don't despise small beginnings", and that's how I feel about this new venture I’ve embarked upon. My mission is to offer customers more than a purchase, I want them to have an experience.

    I offer custom and production knives from Canada, the US and abroad, quality forged axes, great folding saws for the woods, and more. I will be also be bringing custom ReWild branded leather products as well as offering custom leatherwork services upon request. With a reputation for exceptional customer service, it is my priority to extend that
    service to each customer, ensuring integrity and a true ReWild Outfitters experience.

    My previous job had a strong component of customer service, and it was something I prided myself in, and those I served spoke highly of me. I say that, not to brag, but to let you know that I will bring that same attitude of integrity and customer service to my store.

    I hope to help you enjoy the wild, to get out there into the outdoors, to experience nature, to walk barefoot (or in your favorite moccasins) in a field and feel the earth beneath your feet feeding from its peace.

    Let's make the journey to ReWild ourselves together!